Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis


It is possible to achieve important goals in plastic surgery thanks to technological progress and to the experience of those dedicated to this discipline. Without discussion this discipline also has its limits, for example it can’t cancel marks or scars covering large areas even though it can make them less visible or more acceptable.
It cannot replace a destroyed o a defective anatomical part because there are no spare parts as for cars. Yet it can cleverly use what is found in nature, similar in shape and function to the missing part, and so offer the most useful service to the person involved in the unfortunate accident.
Unfortunately information given on the properties and potentials of plastic surgery often tends to be farcical.
Confusion between plastic and aesthetic surgery is often made.
In order to talk about plastic surgery, bionic characters together with “over-siliconed” stars are shown by the media probably with the intention of gaining audience. Questions asked during interviews to surgeons are mainly about how to reduce the waist-line or how to enhance lips.
The reality is another.
Behind the use of biological, synthetic and semi-synthetic tissue and parts of the body transplanted in reconstruction, and the application of precision instruments and optic fiber cables or sources of energy such as LASER or ultrasounds, there is a century of research and application.

This generation of specialists has inherited remarkable clinical experience and we have the duty to make it available to the public giving information about everything this specialization can offer as regards to:
- Construction when the anatomical part has been missing since birth or presents malformation
- Repairing in the case of damage caused by trauma to a part of the body
- Reconstruction when loss of use of a particular body area together with part of the skeleton and soft tissues has occurred after a surgical operation or illness.

The aim of this site is to make the role of plastic surgery within modern medicine clear. We invite you to discover it and to let us have your impressions and any questions you may have by writing to our e-mail address