Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis

Face Lifting

This operation is planned and performed to correct the outcomes of tissular aging that show on the face with signs that, according to the exact site, can be called wrinkles, folds or grooves.
It is a widespread belief that a face lift can make a subject look 5-10 years younger; it is true, but one should more realistically say that a lift will grant anyone a youthful appearance with respect to his/her real age.
The degree of improvement that can be obtained depends on different things among which the age, hereditary factors, the bony structure and the skin type, but also the eating habits, the lifestyle, the amount of smoked cigarettes (if any) and the general physical conditions of the patient. All these elements will influence the duration of the results.
The face and the neck may only partially show the signs of aging or differ in the degree of decline; it will therefore be necessary to determine which are the areas that most need treatment. It could be the peri-orbital region, the peri-oral area or the neck or the three of them together.

Surgical procedure

The operation is aimed at removing the skin excess from the face. The extension of the procedure depends on what are the wished for changes. When necessary it is possible to associate it to other surgical techniques, such as blepharoplasty, that will improve the look of superior and inferior eyelids.


The scars, like for every surgical operation, are permanent but are quite concealed (according to the rules of plastic surgery) and therefore will turn invisible within 6-10 weeks after surgery. In the majority of cases the incision starts within the hair, at temple level, and continues downwards following the natural line of the ear anterior margin until the earlobe, where it is drawn posteriorly and made run through the hair again in the nuchal region (the nape). Through these incisions the surgeon can undermine the skin as far as it is necessary to allow adequate stretching of the skin itself. This will lead to the attenuation of the aforementioned defects. The incision is then sutured with very fine stitches. At the end of the operation two narrow drain tubes are inserted so as to avoid any blood accumulation in the undermined area.

Duration of the procedure

The operation may last a variable amount of time, depending on whether or not it is associated with other procedures, such as blepharoplasty or neck lift.


The operation can be performed under general or local anesthesia. In case of local anesthesia, we resort to a light intra-operative sedation that will allow you to relax before undergoing the intervention during which some local anesthetic will be infiltrated.

Hospital stay

Both in the case of general and in that of local anesthesia, the patient must remain under control for at least 24 hours. During this period the patient will be assisted and carefully checked upon by doctors and nurses. One can choose between hospitalization and one-day stay. Should you choose the second option and decide to go back home or to your hotel on the following day, you may ask for a nurse to come with you and stay overnight for your own comfort and safety.