Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis


Everything is possible, as long as you really want it. It’s out of discussion that plastic surgery has its limits, for example, it can’t hold back time. Aging is a human and physiological process that affects everybody. It would be ridiculous to think that this could be stopped.

Can the advancing of time be slowed down?


Simply “loving yourself”, choosing to live a healthy life style, practising sports with the right frequency, following a balanced diet, smoking moderately and offering new challenges to our vitality.
In this way our interior image will be asking justice in front of the mirror , so that our actual age will not show on the outside.
And it is at this point that the plastic surgeon’s magic hand can come into play with his restorative techniques, with his scalpel capable of eliminating signs of fatigue, old-age and physical decline.

But note that taking away 5 or 10 years of slackening skin and wrinkles or going back to an agile and thriving body isn’t easy. The operations should be studied and taken care of up to the smallest details both in the pre and post operation phases. Undergoing cosmetic surgery is not so simple and certainly can’t be compared to a course of hydrotherapy. It concerns, indeed, experiences that put both body and mind through hard trials. Consequently you must ponder over the motivations which are pushing you to take the “big step”. Let’s be honest: isn’t taking away years of wrinkles and skin slackening from a person who continues to be old in manner and habits a grotesque contradiction? Once these doubts have been cleared up we can see what aging is all about how a surgeon can intervene.

Nowadays, thanks to technological progress and to sophisticated anesthetic and surgery techniques, work on restoration with no pain whatsoever and with no ugly scars leaving traces of an actual operation is possible. The beauty scalpel helps us indeed in everything. All parts of our body are inclined to aging. This happens because the distribution of the underskin fatty tissue varies according to age and tends to thin out as the years go by. The connective tissue, which acts as a prop forming a framework not only for the skin mantle but also for organs and apparatus, is in turn made up of collagen and proteoglicans, the basic components of the extracellular substance of the connective tissue. With age the tissues are impoverished of these components leaving rather unattractive lines. As a matter of fact the skin, which at birth has high contents of collagen, becomes as years go by, thinner and thinner loosing elasticity and tone and becomes prone to wrinkling. The face is the most affected part because it is the most exposed to external aggressions. That’s why it shows traces of the passing of time to a greater extent. Let’s see how and in which way we can look younger. Before coming to a face-lift one can help his/her situation with light operations which are not so committing such as blefaroplastic, a peel or a collagen implant. How many times, looking into a mirror and against our will, do we discover worn eyes, lined by blue circles? How many times have we stopped to count the small wrinkles which give that sad and very unattractive look around the upper eye-lid? Obviously it all depends on the loosening of the tissues of the upper and lower palpebra. The lower half due to the tendency to thicken because of the presence of pseudohernias (bags) and the upper due to the tendency to lower and get heavy.

The scalpel, symbol of precision in cosmetic surgery, in this case actually “Magic”. It can with very little, bring about great improvement. Owing to this prerogative, it can be considered really precise. It can be used in local anesthesia to improve an excess of tissue by removing a rhombus of skin without any need of hospitalization. At the same time the procedure can eliminate bags under the eyes using small incisions at the base of the eyelashes. The scars remain totally invisible after the stitches are removed. After 7/10 days the face will have regained its lively expression and the sad look will have disappeared as by magic.

Another focal point is the forehead where deep wrinkles running across temple to temple are frequently noticed. It is possible to stretch the skin and weaken the muscle responsible of these furrows leaving a hidden scar under the hair. The operation is called forehead lift.

Up to this point we have described small operations which can be carried out separately. Let’s look at the modifications which occur with time at the level of the somatic traits of the cheeks, the ear outline???, the chin and the neck. The loosening of tissue creates ugly swelling along the mandible profile as well as furrows and folds at the corners of the mouth. Even the neck loses definition affecting above all the angle made by the chin, and as a negative result we see ourselves ugly and tired. And therefore what is regarded as the most famous and debated operation comes to our aid: the face lift. The miracle surgery which acts giving back the right tissue tautness removing all the folds that have formed with age advancement.

The lift operates by giving back the right tissue tone, removing wrinkles and folds. It’s a remarkable technological operation and is carried out to take away the effects left by time on the face and neck. The effect makes a person look at least 10 years younger. Usually it’s all about freeing the face tissue as if it were a mask by carrying out an actual stretch enabling the re-establishment of muscular tone lost with age advancement. Therefore the skin is pulled away and stretched to obtain a smoothing of the tissue. The technique can vary in some technical details considering the fact that each surgeon applies small modifications which are dictated by personal experience and the school of origin.