Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis

Lips correction procedures

Some lip irregularities are so peculiar not to need any modification. The latter are cases in which shape and size do not disturb the overall balance of the face, being all in all quite well proportioned. Lips represent one of the parts of the face that most attract other people's attention. Their movements as well as their appearance at rest, aside from being an effective mean of communication, reflect the subject's mood and mirror that person's character. One could dare to say without exaggerating that the whole facial mimic revolves around the lips. For this and many other reasons the look of lips plays a very important role in determining the overall appearance of the visage. There are certain proportions, in terms of size and volume that need to be respected, for both upper and lower lips, as well as for the mouth as a whole in relation to the rest of the face.
Plastic surgery can, by means of several different corrective procedures, improve the external appearance of lips. Such operations need to be planned from time to time according to the patient's necessities, while the surgical technique to be employed is explained to as to achieve a fully informed consent.

Surgical technique


Anyone who is interested in modifying lip size or shape should refer to a plastic surgeon. Only who has a wide experience in reconstructive surgery will in fact be able to plan an aesthetic surgery operation. The technique employed in the correction of thin lips consists in preparing 2-3 mucosal flaps driven from the internal lip and pulling them forward towards the external part so as to increase the width of the red part of the lip, the so-called vermillion. The shape of the Cupid's bow, that is to say the borderline between the pink skin of the lip and the red one of the vermillion, will be maintained or modified according to the patient's requirements. The lip's thickness may also need increasing. In such case we deem it convenient to introduce from the internal side of the lip a narrow strip of dermis driven from a part of the body where the little residual scar will hardly be noticed. In this case also it is advisable to ask the surgeon further information when confirming the operation. All the patients are taken pictures of right before and 2-6 months after the intervention, for an objective evaluation of the results; There are other less complex ways of enlarging the lips, but they do not grant such durable results as the aforementioned one. The latter provide for injection into the lip of bio-compatible materials, such as collagen, or other dangerous substances, like silicone. To this purpose I personally discourage the employment of both.

Operation time


The procedure takes about 1 hour.



The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

Hospital stay


Patients will be able to go home a few hours after the procedure.