Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis

Buttock lift

Well-defined, inviting and feminine, buttocks are certainly an area of great sex appeal. Their shape and their tone do not always correspond to how we would wish them to be. Due to excessive weigh loss or simply to the aging process, nates may become flabby and hypo tonic while the adipose tissue might diminish so much as to make them loose their rounded shape and look "empty". There are operations in plastic surgery aimed at improving the situation. There are three different "buttock lift" techniques that can reshape and uplift a flat, "empty" or "down-falling" bottom.

Let's now describe how:

1) If buttocks are wrinkled, with skin excess and "empty" the first technique consists in removing lozenges of skin and fat from the nates' upper part. The area on which to operate is marked pre-operatively so that any incidental scars will be hidden underneath the patient's underwear. Thanks to a huge number of internal suture stitches, the surgeon is able to literally firm the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles and this grants an adequate buttock uplifting. The skin is instead sutured by means of external stitches that will not bear any tension.
2) If the buttocks lost their rounded shape, the bottom tends to take on a pear shape and drops. Therefore the infra-gluteus groove becomes deeper. In such a case a different procedure is employed. A slit of skin is removed from the crease just below the nates while the fat pad gathered within the fold is uplifted. This way the bottom will "hold up" and appear more rounded. Furthermore the scar will be hidden within the infra-gluteus groove.
3) When the bottom is flat rather than drooping, it can look literally empty. In this case one can resort to silicone implants (the use of which is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health and is totally harmless). Scars are rather short: one 4 cm line, corresponding to the incision (performed vertically along or a little above the gluteal cleft) trough which the implants are introduced.