Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery.

Specialists dealing with this are qualified plastic surgeons. This doesn’t mean that cosmetic surgery can’t be practiced by a general practitioner or by doctors qualified in other specialties. The law provides that a plastic surgeon can read an electrocardiogram or set a dislocated shoulder. In reality, the cardiologist reads an electrocardiogram and the orthopedist sets a dislocated shoulder. Nobody would ever dream of seeing a plastic surgeon to have a chest auscultation carried out but nevertheless people frequently end up by mistake looking for the solution to their aesthetic problems seeing a cosmetic surgeon instead of a plastic surgeon. But what is a cosmetic surgeon? They should be surgeons specialized in cosmetic surgery obliged to attend a school like all fellow specialists. There is no such thing as a specialty in cosmetic surgery. The school of plastic surgery is the only one that teaches the basis of cosmetic surgery. In short, cosmetic surgeons do not exist. Certainties aside, there has been an attempt to recognize the position of cosmetic surgeons without qualifications. This tendency has been opposed by those who, on the contrary, have obtained their qualifications undertaking qualifying admission examinations and going through 5 years of exams and attending classes at universities and in plastic surgery hospital wards.
These considerations do not exclude the possibility that there could be general surgeons capable of carrying out cosmetic surgery correctly and that there could be different levels of skill among accredited plastic surgeons themselves. A range of merits distinguishing working skills exists in all professions. That is, there are people that are very good at their job and others that are not as good. In order to be a good plastic surgeon one must have had a lot of experience in the operating theatre, have had valid teachers and be strongly sensitive to beauty. Setting aside the controversy regarding qualifications needed by those dealing with cosmetic surgery, one must keep in mind to place trust in competent hands in order to live a happy experience. Experience in this field is of great help and those working in hospital organizations or universities have more chances of encountering problems and complications, and thus learn how to overcome them more than those carrying out their own private practice. One should also keep in mind that the structure where one will be operated should be held in consideration guaranteeing safety and sterilization. The staff working together with the surgeon should be well-trained and helpful. It is necessary to be able to count on the surgeon’s availability during the post-operative period. All this information may be given either by acquaintances who have already had previous experiences of this kind or by a medical counselor/friend one turns to for advice.
Cosmetic surgery is not always necessary. Therefore we invite you to carefully consider, together with your chosen surgeon, the proper advice for the correction. Changing one’s mind after thorough consideration doesn’t mean failure. On the other hand, if you are strongly convinced of going ahead with a change, surf through the pages in this site and if you still have any questions write to