Dott. Franz W. Baruffaldi Preis


Mentoplasty is an aesthetic surgery procedure planned and performed to improve the facial profile by correcting the external shape and contour of the inferior third of the visage.
After having taken several shots of your profile and face, the surgeon, by means of computer imaging, will be able to show you what kind of changes in your features can be achieved through the operation.
These pictures modified on the computer are shown with the only purpose of simplifying the description of what can be expected from a surgical point of view. The image cannot be considered the exact copy of what the face will look like after the intervention, nor it is a mean of persuasion for patients to undergo the operation. The opportunity of associating this procedure to a rhinoplasty will also be taken into consideration.

Surgical procedure


Incisions performed to re-mould the chin's profile are performed inside the mouth at gum fornix level. The operation, when the chin is under-proportionate with respect to the rest of the face, consists of inserting a silicon prosthesis into a pocket created along the bone profile. In case this is not enough, a bone correction must be planned. Should the chin instead be too prominent, one proceeds to the retropulsion of its tip.



The operation is planned so that the scars end up being inside the mouth and therefore totally invisible. In some cases a sub-mentum access is preferred . Therefore a thin scar running through the natural groove about 3 cm below the chin tip is left.

Duration of the procedure


The operation lasts approximately 2 hours.



The operation is performed under local anesthesia with the a slight sedation given by the anesthesiologist. Alternatively one could make use of general anesthesia in those cases necessitating longer operative times.